Ombre Nails

Ombré is a trend that has yet to die and I personally fall victim to the hair dying portion of it.
Though I got rid of it from my hair I’m not opposed to it elsewhere-wall paint, clothing and nails!
I love nail art as previously mentioned and I am a fan of ombré so I put the two together in three easy steps just for you.
What you need:
Your choice of colour palette (purple pictured)
Essie‘s ‘Lilacism’
Sally Hansen‘s ‘Plum’s the Word’
Seche Vite topcoat
Polish palette (my choice is tinfoil for easy clean-up)
Make-up sponges (small)
Q-tips and polish remover for touch-ups
1) Apply two coats of the lighter colour as the base, let dry.
2) Apply light and dark colors side by side onto your palette and blend the middle with a toothpick. Dab sponge into polish and then dab it onto your nail (you will have to replenish your polish onto your palette each time).
3) Take a Q-tip dipped in polish remover and clean edges.
Apply top coat and you’re done.
Simple and fun!

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