Unknown Jacket (Similar), H&M Sweater, Talula Babaton Skirt (Aritzia, Similar), H&M Nylons, Vera Goma Boots, Ray-Ban Sunnies, Old Navy Belt, Bitter Sweet and Ardene Rings, Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain, Revlon “Raisin Rage” Nail Polish.

I have always had a slight love affair with turtlenecks, though they aren’t the most flattering or “gotta have it” item. I found this sweater last winter at a ridiculous price and adored it because it’s a more subtle approach on the classic turtleneck. I ended up purchasing it where it then sat in my closet the whole season untouched. I decided to give it a shot this past weekend and now I kind of love it! It’s not too bulky and doesn’t make me look like I’m gasping for air in a neck brace.

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