A Dark Horse

Thrifted Plaid, Souls Band Tee, H&M High-Rise Jeans (Similar), Steve Madden Booties, Bitter Sweet Ring, Guess Watch,         Lips CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain in ‘Scarlett Pucker’, Nails Essie ‘Lilacism’
Music has always influenced fashion, especially rock n’roll, and with your favourite band comes your favourite band tee. I always enjoy stealing some of my dad’s classic tees like Metallica and The Beatles- a little men’s wear inspired doesn’t hurt either.
The whole idea of the band tee has changed over the years. Where it once represented your dying affection for your favourite band it’s now a fashion trend and most have never even heard a song by the artist on their chest; thus I try to keep it genuine when rocking one.
Band tees are also my favourite way to support my musical friends. It’s an easy way to donate and support their passion, and it helps that you like and have listened to their music-also, did I mention it’s ‘trendy’?
I’m wearing a shirt from a band a good friend of mine plays in, Souls.If you haven’t heard them, well you should, they’re pretty great!
Follow and listen below!
Facebook: on.fb.me/WZZJg4
Twitter: @Soulstheband

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