Off-Duty Oxford

oxford 4Joe Fresh Linen Oxford (old-new ), Vintage Levis, Qupid Shoes, Public Butter Bandana

Oxford’s aren’t just for the office. I own about 5 in different variations (tank top, linen, boyfriend cut etc.) and I don’t have close to an office job. Oxfords are one of the easier “office” appropriate garments that I think you can incorporate into your daily wear once you’ve left the office. Throw a cropped sweater over a bf style, tuck your fitted oxford into denim cutoffs and throw on a cute pair of sandals, or wear a long dress-like oxford with knee-high boots and a choker; the options are endless. Remember the 2000’s when blazers came back full force as everyday outwear? We don’t need to limit ourselves to our profession in terms of how we dress.

I’ve always been a fan of women messing with men’s wear. My boyfriend’s reaction to these photos were “a little boyish, no”, to which I replied, “that’s the point!” It’s always a mixed bag reaction for who will like a look like this and who won’t, but that’s not the point of fashion, it’ about what you feel comfortable in. Besides wearing sky high heels this is an outfit I feel most comfortable in. And if you’re comfortable you’ll be confident. an outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be obviously “sexy” to feel confident and good about yourself. I explore the topic of “dressing for a man” versus “dressing for other women” with my friend’s all the time. To me this would be dressing for women (and some men) that are more style conscious and appreciate mixing it up and trying new things; even if they don’t work all the time or someone doesn’t understand the reason you would wear oversized, “men’s like” clothing.

**Another pair of shoes I found on mega sale, at Marshall’s this time. But how friggin’ cute are they?! $20!

oxford 2.1

oxford 5


oxford 7

oxford 3

oxford 6



Picnic 1Zara Dress and Heels

This is NOT a dress I would normally go for but the cut had me at H.E.L.L.O. Even the way it hung bodiless, motionless and messy on the hanger I knew it I had to try it on. The cut of this dress is cute and sexy at the same time with the longer tea-length skirt, a bit of mid drift, and the tie up bra style top, not to mention this dress is outrageously “easy access”; good for like the third date? I wish it came in a basic colour so I could wear it every day. Gingham isn’t an everyday vibe for me personally but more something I could see myself in if I had an event to go to that was a fashion forward yet a professional setting, or something like a casual wedding, baby/wedding shower or fancy brunch. It’s super light weight too as Summer is not giving up on us here in Toronto, so thrown on with a pair of comfy sandals you could easily stroll around town in this and I guarantee people would ask where it’s from.

Picnic 6

Picnic 2

picnic 3

picnic 5

Currently Craving: Summer Cut-Offs


1)  “Doodled” Shorts-Zara
2) Patchwork-American Eagle
3) Mermaid Sequins-Topshop
4) Metallic- TopShop
5) Painted-Aritzia/One X One Teaspoon
6) Studded-Zara

Fringe Binge

Twirl 2

My Man’s Shirt, Forever 21 Skirt, H&M Necklace, Pedro Miralles Shoes

This outfit I would say is truly an expression of my style. I love texture,detail, vintage and prints. And when they blend so well together it feels real good. Anything with fringe, fur, fuzz and I am making the purchase, as long as it fits; there’s nothing like purchasing something with so much detail it wears you.

This is probably something I would wear to a festival, out to a show or casual dinner/drinks. I think expressing yourself through your clothing is really important. Not to be afraid and to explore and experiment will help you find who you are. Decorate yourself. It’s your life and your body!

Twirl 5Twirl 3Twirl 1Twir; 4Second Twirl

twirl 3 NOfirst Twirl