Shades of Summer: Lipstick trends for Summer 2017


I’m no a lipstick girl per say, but I love a good lip stain or matte dry colour that stays all day. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable ever, when it comes to clothes or makeup. If I have to feel like I’m checking, fixing and self conscious the whole then it’s not for me.  I do like to add a little pop of colour here or there. I’m also obsessed that the lip gloss trend is back because that is effortless. I think the biggest trends I’ve gotten behind are perfect nudes, an orange(y) hue and the perfect pink pout. Below I’ve listed some that I’m craving to purchase along with some true loves. What do you think you’ll rock on your lips for the rest of summer?

1) The glossiest lips courtesy of Glossier. I am obsessed that the glossy lip trend is back. All I ever wore in junior high was lip gloss, and 9/10 times it would be my Lancôme Juicy Tubes. Now that Glossier is shipping to Canada, FINALLY, I can’t wait to get my hands on a bottle. I was dreading waiting until my next NY trip to pick it up.

2) The perfect nude in a satin matte finish Via Colour Pop. I just placed an order with CP for the first time where I’ll definitely do a product review of everything. I’ve heard amazing things about their satin matte lip formula and Echo Park looks like one of their best nudes they have.

3) Hello luxury lips, try Tom Ford‘s burnt orange called Wild Ginger to go with your best tan this summer. My skin is fair with warm undertones so this burnt orange would work well with that and my dark hair. Where if you were of a darker complexion this may just end up looking like a red lipstick. When picking an orange lippy you must know your undertones and what works or it won’t look like the swatch you see, it may end up changing completely once applied. priming your lips with a foundation will also help the colour pop to wipe out your natural lip colour.

4) The very on trend glitter lips is a must buy from Lime Crime. I’m not sure if I would wear this on the daily, glitter is definitely ‘a look’. I’m a pretty minimalist type gal when it comes to my aesthetic but I would give it a shot depending on the occasion.

5) I got a sample of this Marc Jacobs lipstick and I stand behind this formula 100%. Super creamy and long lasting, everything you want. I will be purchasing this in full size for sure, just need to find the perfect shade as it is around $40.

6) Much like the Maybelline version (doesn’t look like they sell chubby sticks anymore I wanted to link them) these are your everyday lipsticks with a bit better of a a formula. The Maybelline version in slightly drying to my lips I find, where the Clinique Chubby Sticks add hydration. Smooth application and an endless amount of colours to choose from. I freakin’ love these things, so easy to throw a couple different shades in your purse to switch it up when you need to.

7) YSL is a decadent treat to your lips and a chunk out of your pocket book. The bottles alone are super gorgeous and with that price you know the formula has to be good. I’ve yet to purchase a YSL beauty product but it is definitely on my wanted list.

8) Every girl needs the perfect cherry red lipstick. Sephora Collection is super affordable and an amazing formula. Bang for your buck!


Joe Fresh Dress, Yoki Loafers, Rayban Sunglasses 

Love me an LBD. This one I don’t know why but I hardly have worn it since I bought it three years ago. I’ve mentioned before I have trouble wearing dresses. I always feel over done and I really don’t know why. I wore dresses as a child a lot. This dress is really cute and I can’t believe Joe Fresh produced it. It’s hard to get all the details of a black dress on camera, it is silk, with two slits on the side up to the knee area. It cinches at the waist which is flattering and gives you some shape or you’d look like a sack. The neck detail is also really cool, I wish I had gotten a closer photo for you. This dress is super effortless chic and perfectly light and breezy on a hot summer’s day like this day in particular. I just threw on some loafers, black sunnies and a black backpack (not pictured as it was stuffed with Value Village finds). 

Currently Craving: Fall 17 Shoes


1) Steve Madden basic black velvet booties
2) Furry Top Shop flat mules
3) Brocade style booties from Kenneth Cole (on sale)
4) Fishnet inspired Zara booties
5) Fluffy lamb printed pumps from Sam Edleman
6) Aldo patent black booties
7) Leopard ankle strap heels from Qupid Shoes
8) Velvet crush in a gorgeous purple at a very affordable prcie from Spring

 Fall is around the corner (loud cry inside) and although I am a Summer baby, I have to come to truths that seasons change and I need a new pair of booties. There’s a few others on here that I’m craving once I was looking through “new arrivals” pages on brand’s sites, like the fluffy lamb flats and lamb printed pumps..theme? Any who, this season I need a good pair of black booties, looking at you Alexander Wang, and the rest is just dress-up!

Wear Black, Eat Brunch: My Favourite Brunch Spots in Toronto


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of these photos before and now I’m here to explain to you why I LOVE eating at these spots for brunch.

 I love exploring Toronto’s food scene. There are always new spots opening or old gems reinventing themselves, it’s also a great excuse for date night!  Yet, I always fall back on my fave places for brunch (listed below); or if I’ve only been once they made quite the impact. The reasoning is because they stand out in flavour or experience, or both!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.05.21 PM
ESG — Eggs Sunrise Grill

This is your classic diner style breakfast. My boyfriend lives around the corner so this is a go-to for us when we don’t feel like cooking or are abysmally hungover. The food is always good, the service is on point, and the price doesn’t hurt (around $6.95 for a standard eggs/meat/potats plate). This is no-fuss eating, you get exactly what you would expect and want for breakfast with great service. 

The Federal

This place is fucking delicious. If you make it to the Federal I have a few rules: you MUST order the soup of the day and you MUST get a fresh Mimosa of the day, if you don’t you’re just ruining your own life… I mean breakfast. My favourite thing on the breakfast menu is the eggs federal with kale, featured in the image above, which is their take on Eggs Benedict. Instead of Hollandaise sauce it’s a mushroom tarragon cream sauce that’s to die for accompanied by the simplest sides of rosti potatoes and an arugula salad. On this particular day I had a watermelon rhubarb mimosa, as per my birthday celebrations. 

Aunties and Uncles

OH M GEEEEE! I almost have no words for how good this place is. Every single time I go I get the omelette of the day because it does not dissapoint. Fresh vegetables of the season, cheese and perfectly fluffy eggs folded over top. I love a good omelette. As for sides their potato salad (their option instead of roasted potatoes) is unreal. I’ve never put dill in my potato salad but after this one I’ll be adding it all the time. I also have no clue what they do to their olives but they’re mouth watering and delicious. My mouth is filling with saliva thinking about them. I always go to this spot with my best friend Amanda whom always gets the french toast. ‘Cinnamony’ and fluffy, served with a seasonal fruit compote. Dessert for breakfast anyone? Her and I always go on Monday because she has Monday off as a hairdresser and we get to a table right away,  so if you go on the weekend bring a novel because the line up is usually long.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.07.32 PM
Le Petit Dejeuner

I am a sausage and eggs person, I rarely order bacon, and this is one of my favourite places to order sausage because like The Federal, it’s more like meatloaf. It’s crunchy on the outside as each piece is seared to order and soft and juicy on the inside. The odd standout item at this place is their apple slaw. Fresh and juicy on the side of a semi-heavy breakfast plate with this sauce that comes on top that I have NO IDEA what it is but it’s SO GOOD! Also always a line on the weekend so get there early. This place is on my list for my next dinner date with the boy. When I eat here I feel like I’m eating my mommas cooking, and that’s always a compliment.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.07.55 PM
Gusto 101

The fact that gusto popped a brown bag of delicious bread on my table is an instant win, am I right? I’ve been seriously trying to hold back on the carbs lately as I find I am always bloated, but how can you resist delicious crusty bread? Gusto is a great spot for a meal at any time of day and would be on my go-to list for a date spot. Amazing service, laid back dining but really good food with fresh ingredients, not to mention a wine list the size of the bible! If you’re there passed breakfast I highly recommend the black garlic and truffle brussel sprouts because they’re to die for.  

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.06.37 PM             The Drake (weekend brunch)

The drake has an unreal eggs benedict. I don’t order it often when I go out for breakfast because I’ve had bad hollandaise sauce (from boom breakfast co.) and man does that ruin your morning; and they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! The patio is super adorable so if you can get there on a nice day grab a seat and duh, a caeser! The Drake recently reinvented their menu so I’m not too sure if this is still on it but god do I hope so because I crave it. Definitely a good spot if you’re doing some vintage shopping in the west end on the weekend in Toronto.